Effective environmental risk management is more than just buying insurance.

Insurance finances the outcome once all reasonable measures to prevent an incident fail.  It is a last resort, but a wise one to employ.  Risk prevention and control measures are essential to protecting your business and the environment.

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Environmental Risk Analysis

To manage your risks, you need to know what they are. Our experts will evaluate your business and identify environmental risks that may threaten you and your community.  Many times, low risk businesses (e.g. ones that do not use bulk fuels or hazardous substances) may overlook their environmental risk.  For example, hotels have a higher than average risk of Legionella Disease and Mold due to their water amenities and the extensive plumbing and water use in their buildings.  The hospitality business in fact, has high indoor air quality risk.


Environmental Risk Prevention

There are thousands of pages of rules and regulations that come from federal and state environmental laws.  However, mere regulatory compliance is not effective risk management.  You can be 100% compliant with environmental laws and still be legally liable for harm.  And there are many types of businesses that arent regulated.  For example, there are no environmental laws that regulate the use of perchloroethylene (perc) in drycleaning businesses except when it becomes a waste product.  We all know just how much environmental damage the misuse of perc has created.  In these cases, enterprise manager must take the initiative to identify their risks and enact measures to prevent them.


Environmental Risk Control

Risk control is a method by which plans are put in place to mitigate a loss event and thus reduce its ultimate impact. 


Risk Transfer and Financing Options

Insurance is one of many methods to manage risk.  Contract indemnities, limitations of liability, agreements with regulatory agencies and other methods are available to reduce the financial impact of an environmental loss.

Our experts and ESG partners assist in developing a hoist environmental risk management program that includes not only insurance, but also alternative risk transfer and financing options.