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Environmental Steward Group is an environmental risk underwriting and consulting company.  We are environmentalists at heart and understand that there must be a practical balance between business enterprise and environmental impact.  We provide risk management solutions through insurance, loss prevention services and loss control services to protect both business and the environment.  Often these services are bundled in one program.

Our risk management consulting experts have been environmental consultants, environmental risk underwriters, counsel and insurance experts. 

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Brad Maurer 

Program Director

Brad Maurer is an Environmental Risk Management and Insurance executive with over 25 years of experience specialized in environmental risk management, professional and contracting liability programs for environmental and construction industries, guaranteed fixed price remediation (GFPR), insurance underwriting, environmental liability transfer, and contaminated real estate redevelopment.  Mr. Maurer was an underwriting director for a major environmental insurer, headed the environmental risk practice of a national insurance broker and has been in-house counsel for a GFPR company and a brownfield investment company as well as a $50mm remediation services company.

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